Hello again everyone. I hope things went well last week for you. The winter holidays are coming up starting with the North American holiday of Thanksgiving. Even if you don’t live there, or perhaps even celebrate the holiday; I highly advise one idea to you. Take a moment out of your day, yes any moment, to tell someone that you appreciate them. Maybe it is a family member who you visit often. Maybe a coworker who gives you support throughout the day. Or even a friend you have known your entire life.

People tend to take things for granted when it comes to the everyday joys in life. Most people go through their day speeding from one destination to another. “I got to do this, need to do that.” Chores, work and responsibilities drive our lives so much it is easy to forget to press pause sometimes. To realize and be thankful for these small boons to life, especially people. Not only that, maybe the person you appreciate was having a bad day and simply complimenting and appreciating them could turn their whole experience around and bring true joy.

And you, The Book of Michael readers. I am thankful for each and everyone of you that spend a moment out of your day to visit my site and read my story. This journey has been a great part of my life and knowing each of you have been walking that path with me has been deeply gratifying. Thank you and see you again at The Book of Michael.

Jacob M