Hey everyone,

You have probably noticed by now that this page looks a bit different than the last ones. That is because I was getting fed up and disappointing with myself. Yes, I believe those pages before looked beautiful. Some of them were good examples of my best work in a long time. But as time passed I was failing myself, my comic and most importantly you loyal readers.

I set out and promise to get a page out every Sunday. But with the more complicated I got with digitally “painting” each frame, the more and more time it took to complete it. Not only that, working on the page would start to mingle with my work schedule and responsibilities throughout the week thus pushing back solid time I could reserve to work on it. All-in-all, it was a powerful type of art but it was too bulky to be agile and time efficient. Last week, after completing a page on a Friday, I had enough.

I decided as an artist to go back a few steps with what I’ve learned through these years. Take some of my old style and blend it with the new techniques I had picked up along the way since September 29, 2012. These next dozen pages or so will be a new experiment for me. I have to force myself to discover new territory to deliver to you guys. Never will I want a moment where you all are wondering what the hell happened to me or the page. From here on out, when you visit The Book of Michael, Sundays are page days. End of story.

Once again, thank you to each of you new readers and loyal followers of my webcomic. Tune in next Sunday evening, Monday morning (depending on your time zone) for the next installment of The Book of Michael!

– Jacob